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Facial Services

Our Facial Services Range from Basic Monthly Maintenance to Creating an extensive Treatment Plan.

Each Facial is based on Skin type and a Consultation with the client.  No two Clients are alike, we access your diet, water intake, allergies, and over all health.  It is important to have great skin and it begins on the inside.

30 Minute Facial

Just a quick facial that provides a deep cleaning for the skin.  This facial does not address any treatments, only a quick cleansing of the skin that is often needed to feel refreshed.

Consult Only ($20.00)

For quick service ($30.00)

Monthly Maintenance

1 Hour Facial

This Facial is normally for a client that is concerned in maintaining over all great skin.  In this facial we access any skincare concerns, extractions, moisture, dehydration, diet, allergies,...etc.

This facial comes with Steaming and Masking to provide the exact balance the skin needs.


Back Facial

1 Hour

Platinum VIP Beauty addresses all the skin that covers your body. Often in our skincare we are unable to address the Back.....Well we can take care of that for you.  Just like our Maintenance Facial our Back Facial provides complete pampering with our All Natural Body Scrubs.


Platinum Facial

1.5 Hours

This facial provides and address all of the Monthly Maintenance Facial services.  However this Plus service also includes our Foot scrub Treatment


Platinum Plus Package

2 Hours

This facial provides and address all of the Monthly Maintenance Facial services. However this Plus service also includes our Foot, Hand & Back Treatment. Our clients relax and enjoy the pampering without ever leaving the table.


Diamond Platinum Package

3 Hours

Now this package includes all of the perks and is custom made for each client that selects it.  We begin with a consultation and treatment plan prior to booking this pampering experience.


What our customers are saying

My Skin has never felt as Hydrated and looked as Healthy. Anita requires you to create a plan that works for you.

Dana Staller- 2year client